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Conversation Between thatguyslater and michelle savira

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  1. ok thank you i'm sorry
  2. I'm sorry, I can't find any Gray Fullbuster ( Chibi ) on the internet.
    Yes, I know there is, but we can't just take them, we need to ask permission to them first.
  3. hey slater can you help me with some pictures i need gray ( chibi ) ( my internet is block ) sorry can you ? Tihis is my friend computer
  4. sorry sorry , i'm just kidding okay but i'm happy now because i'm free , my exam and my work is done !
  5. Oh, okay. What do you need? I may help. )
  6. many and many :
    Homework , exam , whatever to do i jast dying in here
    HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey! How are you? I agree with @Road, why'd you vanish?
  8. Okay.
    Your welcome.

    I hope we could be good friends.
  9. hey slater thank you for your suggestion because i new in here , and you change you avatar heh , i like it ( i like GRAY so much ) hihi ..
  10. Hey Erza! Thanks for adding me. Haven't seen you around here, how are you?

    I like Fairy Tail too. d(^_^o)

    Anyway, my name is Slater. I'm from Cebu, Philippines.

    Oh, and you should reply to others' profile and not replying to yourself. lol. They won't see it unless they look back at your profile.

    Try doing this :
    Go to the user's profile you want to talk with / reply back. Then click the "Visitor Message" Tab. Then there's a message box. Type your reply there and click Post Message. If you want an advanced message box, click Go Advanced. Don't worry if you have mistakes as it can be editable by clicking Edit. And I think, if you want to delete messages, I'm not sure about this one lol but, I think there's a Delete Button near the Edit.

    See you later, Erza!
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