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Conversation Between moogoesthecow5 and Sizary Momo

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  1. I'm 14. :P
    Today in science class we mixed a bunch of food together
    to look like a food filled cell and then we got to eat it! x3
  2. lol
    I didn't know if you were gonna be a freshman in highschool or college, so that was the easiest way to respond. XP
    So I'm guessing your either 13 or 14 years old?
    Also, the bread we made in history, tasted like pizza crust, but it was really hard, and I hurt myself trying to bite into it. XD
  3. I'm just one year away from you. And i'm not that old! x3
  4. Really?!
    I'm in 7th grade XP
  5. Gonna be a freshman next year. :3
  6. Oh btw what grade u be in?
  7. Good.I have dodgeball tomorrow morning.No after school
    classes and No school in the morning plus i get to play didgeball
    again in P.E!!! So beautiful!!! >3<
  8. I'm very happy right now. XD
    I have a half day tomorrow, and no school on Monday
    Also I'm gonna make bread in History tomorrow, somehow it relates to what we're learning. XP
  9. How are you? :P
  10. Hello! >.<
    Nice to meet ya! XD
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