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Conversation Between Miss Manipulation and Simphoni

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  1. Manip-chan!! Get back when you can!!
    I miss my anime buddy already!!*hugs*
  2. Oh...... And what kinda sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????XD
  3. I like Fridays because theres no school the next day!! WoW!! I never have a lucky Friday!! You're so lucky!! ^^ Awww!! I'm gonna be gone for the next 2 weeks because its my exam weeks!!
    Thats cool!! I've never heard of any of the things you just mentioned!! XD... But if you like them then they must be coo!!!!!! XD
    Thank-you!! Its nice to be back for a little while!! But only to leave again!! And I missed my Manip~chan a lot too!!XD *huggles* Yeah!! Exams make up 70% of my term mark!! So I want good marks for my exams!! But I still have to work my butt off!!.... I'm not going to get straight A's!! I'm not THAT smart!!
    Okay!! I hope you do AMAZING!!!! I'm sure you did anyway!! I don't do anything like that!! I don't dance professionally and stuff like that!!XD I just dance for friends!!XD At least you're not bored Manip~chan!!
    But I'm sure you did awesomesaucetastic!!!!

    Aha!! I wanted to say that I'm going to be cosplaying Hatsune Miku soon in time in October!! (/^-^)/ \(^-^\)
  4. Thank goodness its Friday! Friday always seems to be my lucky day and today is no exception. You're back, I got the first season of Game of Thrones and Doctor Who on DVD, and I am currently enjoying a sandwich. I approve of today. But welcome back! I missed you! *hugs* Wow, you really seem to be working hard though. Seems to me that you'll be getting As on those exams of yours easily.
    Aww you don't have to. I mean, I won't even be here. I'll be at a dress rehearsal. Speaking of which, that's what's been keeping me so busy. I've been practicing really hard for this performance I have on Sunday. I've got 6 numbers in it, so I wanted to make sure that I knew every step to every dance and didn't get them mixed up. I'm realllyyy nervous! I've got like 3 seconds to change into my costumes. shvgdgd
    I like awesome sauce things. I like them a lot. I'd love to hear!
  5. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Its Friday so I'm let off the hook~!!
    My exams are actually next week!! So I'm studying this whole week through, revision, going through notes!! EVERYTHING!!!!!
    I'll try be here for Manip~chan tomorrow!! ^^

    I'm back now!! So how have you been....... What's been keeping you busy all this time!!??
    And I have something AWESOMESAUCE to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^0^)/
  6. Oh my gosh wait what? No, no! Simphoniiii! You can't do this to me! Come back! ;A;
  7. i miss you Manip-chan!!
    Reply when u can!!

    I'm gonna be offline for the next month for exams
    So Bye from me for now!!.......~Sayounara
  8. Awwww!! YAY!! GIRLY POWER!!!! *high 5* I like your nickname too Manip-chan ^^
    Aggggg!! Don't get me started! I had a whole week of tests and assignments and now I have a speech!! I wish I could just float away from school drama (~-_-)~
    I knew about all my tests so I didn't get any pop quizzes... Do you do gymnastics!?
    Or gym as in P.E. I like P.E. because its fun and then my muscles feel really good afterwards... They feel like I could run a marathon!! Like athletics training!! XD
    Mine was pretty much just as bad.... But we can have our fun NOW!!!!

    *5 second dance party \(^o^)/ (~^-^)~*
  9. Hi! Welcome back! I missed you too and I do enjoy the nickname you gave me My week was terrible, though. I mean... not terrible but. Just. Tests. Tests everywhere! Tests my teachers did not warn us about with the exception of my final exam in gym. I really wished I had skipped gym class that day. Dx I hope yours was fun!
  10. Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssst!!
    Hey.... *whispers*

    I missed you Manip!!... I'll call you Manip because it sounds cute when you say it in a HIGH-pitched voice!!

    How was your week!?

    And thanx.... I hope I made my parents proud!! ^^
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