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Conversation Between .SophieChan~ and horrendous

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  1. Haha , im not really that good and sorry for that late reply = ( and i show you when i'll get better someday = )! And im training to be better at drawning as well .
  2. wow cool, you draw and play piano? two things i've always wished i could do well. are you any good? can i see/hear?
  3. Hmm, Yeah work and school ofc : ) I work at cleaning and stuff oh i forgot , Piano school too. School is making me pretty busy tho : (..
  4. eh i try to stay indoors when possible, except when deer season rolls around, then i spend all day out in my blind. when i'm indoors i play video games and guitar, and listen to a lot lot lot of music. i also like drinking beer and shooting guns like a redneck.

    do you work? if so where? if not, do you go to school?
  5. Hmm what can i say , Playing outside sometimes : ) shopping and stuff ^^ what about you :3`?
  6. o_o do you do anything else for fun?
  7. In life of SophieChan, Is just cleaning : ) Drawing .. Play with mah cat and nothing else : (
  8. epic? :0 what a compliment . i think the name Sophie is awesome - and SophieChan is also epic.

    so what's happening in the life of SophieChan? :3 i just got off work and am drinking a beer, about to smoke a cigarette and probably go to sleep.
  9. Hehe thanks! I also like your name sounds epic ! ^^
  10. i like the name Sophie. don't know why.
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