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Conversation Between Nickasaur and Sighanide

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  1. I'm a freelance game designer. I've worked in a lot of places. Actually, I just recently got a game on steam.
  2. That sooks :c...
    Where do ya work?
  3. I think i should avoid all-nighters henceforth. i almost lost mah job today xP
  4. cool story bro.
  5. I'm spending that night at my friend Chance's house. He is really nice and I love him
    Him and his girlfriend are taking care of me.
  6. How you doing? I fell asleep in the etchers lounge today, almost missed my class xD
  7. we play almost the same games, i just need to get counter strike. BTW, i sent that friend req on steam :P
  8. Counter-Strike...
    Garry's mod..
    Team Fortress
    Eden Eternal... o:
  9. i see you play games. What kind?
  10. Seems legit.
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