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Conversation Between Nickasaur and Sizary Momo

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  1. Are you ok?You know?You told me you had a heart
    problem!You better not be kidding you're scaring me! >-<
  2. wat
  3. What!? Are you ok!?
  4. I was just informed that I have a heart problem.

    >Each time I sleep, my heart goes slow
    >I sleep more and more.
  5. I want to marry it!!! xD
  6. Dr.Pepper is what keeps me going in the mornings xD
    I love it<33
  7. Dr. Pepper is awesome!!!
    I don't know why people hate it.
    Dr. Pepper has it's own unique taste which
    makes it feel like it's a rainbow in a cup! xD
    Taste The Rainbow
  8. I 'study'

    by 'study' I watch anime while drinking Dr.Pepper.
  9. Ok.I almost forgot that i had homework! xD
  10. Good how are you cx:3
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