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Conversation Between redtear and Syreni~Girl

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  1. Where did you go? I really miss you :P.
  2. is there a place like that in this world ?!!! i thought is just a photo made by someone ^^"
    I love nature especially forests so I'd love to visit this garden :
    it's in japan " Oregon" just trees and flowers or a place like this :
    I believe that waterfalls make nature look prettier

    yeah I know it's hard and it need a very hard long work and studying to achieve that but i'm trying my best to fulfill this dream and you should do the same so you will feel that you really did something cool in your life
  3. That would be nice ^^.
    Is there a perticular picture u really loved and wanted to visit so much ^^ lol.
    For me it would be looking at a Aurora.
    They are so beautiful.
    I want to see one like that ^^ right on the lake lol so what about you.
    lol that would be a really nice job ^^ but you have to be good and it's hard to market it lol.
    My major was electrical engineering so i've programmed and know several programming langauges.
    Acutally my job deals with programming lol and i was thinking of doing something similar with smart phone apps but it's hard and a bit risky.
    But i guess everything in life is like that and it's just the matter of taking that step so don't be afraid and try your best and maybe i need to do the same lol.
  4. maybe it will be a great fairy tale to tell in the future ^^
    i do the same i especially look at nature pictures dreaming i would be there someday !!! i love nature and red flowers are my favorites
    for the job i'm thinking of having a job where i work at home creating programs for companies (i have chosen computer skills section ) what about your job ?
    yes of course i'm will attend the college next year if i succeed it's kinda far but it's better then staying at home
    thank you, glad we are getting along
  5. Yeah i really hope i do T_T. It seems like a fairy tale but one that is really worth so much lol.
    I've been to a few places outside of the US but not many. So i still have a ways to go like you.
    I really enjoy looking at pictures of beautiful places and thinking i want to go here so much T_T lol.
    lol i guess it can depend on the job ^^; i'd love a job that pays a lot and has a lot of time off.
    That is really awesome ^^; u must be so excited to finally graduate high school. Are you planning on going to college after.
    Awwww you are so sweet. It is really fun talking to u also.
  6. i wish you fulfill that !!!
    no i have never been out of my country,i think i'm stuck here for now ^^"
    i see but i think it depend on what is the job
    i'm 18 at the last year of high school,i'm studying hard so that i graduate successively my name is Sirine i was born in Tunisia as i said before ^^
    i'm really pleased to meet you , it's really fun talking to you ))
  7. lol yes everyone really does T_T like i said for me finding that girl has always been first ^^. Then i would love to travel the world with her and enjoy all the beautiful places lol.
    I really hope i do also T_T. Have you traveled anywhere outside our country?
    Well i'm actually 25, i just graduated college so that's where the whole thing about not having days off when u are working and having days off but not having money in school thing comes from lol. That's from my own personal experience lol.
    And my name's Kushal. I was born in india but came to US at a really young age lol and what about you.
  8. wow everyone has there own unique goal ^^
    i hope you find that special girl and live happily with her
    by the way i never asked you about your age and your name
  9. lol T_T why is fun so expensive.
    Hahahaha you got a nice goal there ^^ i'd love to check out all the beautiful places on earth since i really like beauty lol. But >_> once u start working the amount of days off u get is barely any and when u are in school u have so many days off but no money *sigh* >_> why does life have to be so hard lol. My goal really has always been finding and being with the one girl for me. I've always put that as my most important thing in life. Traveling and money is nice but i know i would enjoy everything no matter where i am in life if im with that person lol.
  10. as you said it's really expensive here too T_T
    but when i finish my studies and have a work i surely will visit all the places i want with my own money ^^ i'm an adventure girl and i always look positively to my future !!! that's my goal what is yours ?
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