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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. There u go >.>; don't be lazy haha jk I should be the last person to say that considering how much I don't study >_>;. So um T_T; did u like fail that class then or were u able to bring it u to a nice safe D :P. I remember when we had progress reports >.>; we had to have it signed by our parents so sometimes id forge their signature haha. Most times id just fail at even doing that though T_T;. Have u gone anywhere for xmas? I went to Dallas theater 2 weeks ago for Madoka Magica showing. They are also going to have a Neon Genesis Evengelion showing (one of the new movies that came out) in mid January there. I don't think i'll go for that though. It's been a while since I've watched Evengelion -_-; im going to have to rewatch that entire anime before I can watch that movie lol.
  2. my grades reflect how lazy I am in school. Oh yeah the progress report was really bad. I got a 25 in one class I don't remember which one it was.
  3. Yeah that must have been hard to find >.>;. It's a really popular anime though like everyone's watched it lol so u should check it out. It is really bloody though. Was that progress report really that bad >.>; haha. I hope u at least recycled >.>; lol. It probably isn't a good idea to do that for a report card though. Your grades will probably reflect how well u understand the stuff which will affect your future lol.
  4. no I haven't. My friends have. It took me a while to see what anime the necklace was from. One time my mom left the mail on the table and there was a progress report in the mail so I looked through the mail when she wasn't looking and took it. I read it then ripped it up and threw it in the trash
  5. Have u watched Attack on Titan. It's a really cool anime >_>; except the ending I feel disappoints. They need a sequel -_-;. Haha your parents sound like me >.>; I like rarely check my mail also ^^. Well lately I check it like once a week I guess T_T;. U could always do your parents a "favor" and check the mail for them haha :P. Then secretly hide your report card haha yeah don't do that T_T;.
  6. oh and i have no idea when they will send it. they normally send it at the wrong time. fortunately my parents hardly check the mail
  7. one from fairy tail, one from Naruto, and one from attack on titan
  8. Haha that sounds really cool. What kind of anime necklaces are they? Do they have anime characters on it. I still need to have pocky T_T; I've never bought them before. So >.>; when are u getting your report card? haha I hope u don't get in trouble.
  9. yes I did. A whole bunch of Japanese candy and hard to find pocky. I got $60 and a $30 gift card. And from the relatives I got a watch an three different anime necklaces.
  10. Unfortunately? That doesnt sound good >.>;. I hope it turns out ok. Did u receive any presents this xmas?
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