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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. no I meant roller skating. Today I went ice skating for the first time. I fell only once! It was fun.
  2. When u say skate do u mean ice skating? Have u gone to the galleria mall? They have an ice skating ring inside ^^. I've only gone ice skating like once T_T;.
  3. oh and happy new year
  4. No I didn't but it was cloudy this morning. But the sun did come out so I did go out to skate.
  5. Well Happy New Year ^^. Did u stay up haha I didn't T_T;. I wanted to wake up super early to watch the sunrise ^^ but then I couldn't cause it ended up being super cloudy T_T;.
  6. getting on the computer to play osu!
  7. Yeah T_T; what are u doing tonight?
  8. I miss our little yaoi friend
  9. Well it could be that other people below u also play and have their rating increase higher than yours so that makes yours go down. Yeah, her laptop died so she needs to get it fixed. Since then she hasnt come to AF much and i guess she doesnt come on OSU! either from what u said. I really miss her though T_T;. We normally talk by playstation. Otherwise i wouldnt have been able to talk to her also T_T;.
  10. well sometimes I will be playing and it goes up but then it goes down and I don't understand why. No I haven't seen her on there. I was hoping that I would. But she hasn't shown up. The last time I talked to her was on osu!
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