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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. The Dallas Stars! My favorite player is one of our goalies Kari Lehtonen! he so awesome! i'm sorry Jamie Benn!
  2. I dont think i've watched hockey before. Im surprised u watch it. What's your favorite team? Football, i usually have it on all of sunday. There are several teams i keep up with/root for.
  3. I juggle football, basketball, and hockey!
  4. Yeah i know >_>; and what's worse is that Miami has been sucking. They're already lost 3 games >_>; wtf lol. I think Maimi plays Mavericks in their next game. I dont keep up with basketball too much though. I normally just check scores lol. Im much more into football :P.
  5. hey you basketball season has begun!
  6. good it was a little cold
  7. np. So how was your week?
  8. Ok sure I will be careful. Thanks for the advice
  9. It sounds like they were ignoring u from the summer. I wonder if something happened last year in school? It kind of sucks I guess. It's best not to make enemies though. If u could find new people to talk to, u should talk to them more. But I know that can also be hard. Sorry about the late reply. My work's been keeping me really busy unfortunately. Oh btw, if someone asks u, they want to see u on Skype be careful especially if u don't know them well enough. It could be some creep.
  10. Sometimes we talk but sometimes they just tune me out. I couldn't talk to them during the summer because everytime I texted them they wouldn't text back and I didn't get to see them during the summer because they live too far
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