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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Haha I only watch football and keep up with basketball. I don't really bother with any other sports ^^. I pretty much spend most of my TV time watching anime so I rarely ever bother myself with other things. Have Dallas Stars won the Stanley cup before?
  2. yeah I could. Of course I'm a hockey fan! I love sports! Baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. I love the Dallas Stars. I want the Stars to be almost as good as they used to be. We had made it back to the playoffs but lost in the first round. My favorite player is our goalie Kari Lehtonen
  3. That would be cool. U can make a video of yourselfmplaying on youtube once u get really good. I didnt know u were a hockey fan? Yeah canada is just there most of the times lol.
  4. I don't know how to play either. I will learn. That is one of the things about that show that gets on my nerves. I love Canada, he is my favourite character he deserves more respect. Go Hockey!
  5. An electric guitar would be awesome ^^. I wouldn't know how to play it but it would be nice to take lessons and learn. I didn't know u were into rock type music though. Yeah no one knows about Canada and he looks just like America haha.
  6. yeah normally. I'm saving up for an electric guitar. Canada is invisible to almost everyone in hetalia. So no.
  7. Im sorry to hear that. Are you bdays normally like that? At least u got some money ^^. What do u plan on buying with it? That's right, i forgot about the history france and canada have. Is that reflected in hitalia. I feel Canada rarely makes an appearance from the episodes i've watched T_T;.
  8. it was boring. I got $60. We didn't do anything all day I just sat at home. The reason for France and Canada is because they have a really touching history together and Canada is adorable with France
  9. How was your birthday? Did u guys do anything? France and Canada is an interesting choice. Why them? Haha i see a lot of France and Canada yaoi or other stuff also?
  10. thank you! And yes yaoi is a top secret. I love France and Canada together. I've been reading a lot of yaoi lately.
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