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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Yes I do! Three games in a row I can't wait until we win another game. And no I don't but I always watch anime
  2. Hahahaha you watch basketball as in the nba. Do you cheer for Dallas Mavericks. You watch the educational stuff T_T and not the mindless cartoons. Do you watch mythbusters on discovery.
  3. i dont watch tv much and if i do it is basketball, world's dumbest, the discovery cannel and animal planet
  4. what are some other shows you watch on TV.
  5. That's interesting! Well if that's what she does I have no reason to judge
  6. My friend told me that everytime she eats a pineapple she gets sad cause she's eating spongebob's home and now he's homeless.
  7. yes i watch spongebob i love the old episodes
  8. I'm so tired today T_T i went to sleep at 4 yesterday since i really wanted to finish the last hunger game book. I want to sleeeeeeep. Actually i want to watch spongebob T_T lol. Do you watch spongebob.
  9. but it was still pretty close though romney lost by 100 votes
  10. Haha well i didn't like either candidates, but obama seemed to be the better pick. The race wasn't as close as i'd thought it would be though.
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