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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Yeah i dont know. They didn't do so good in the last quarter. They missed a lot of shots and were put under pressure. Here is a link....
    Your team is in the Southwest division with san antonio and memphis. As long as Dallas is at the top of the division they are garenteed to go into the playoffs ^^ so keep track of it after each game and hope San Antonio and Memphis lose games lol.
  2. It was a horrible game I have no idea how but now we're 4-2
  3. Horrible game T_T;. Do u know how teams get chosen for playoffs? It's still early in season but as long as Dallas can stay at the top of their conferance they should be ok. They just have to make sure to stay above San Antonio and Memphis wins and losses.
  4. Noooo 71 to 78 T_T this isn't good >_> stupid New York they better lose.
  5. Yeah I know! It's so close right now
  6. Hahahaha *looks at the score*57-55 sooooooo close lol. This looks like a good game ^^. I want Knicks to lose cause they beat Miami T_T. Yes they must lose lol.
  7. I know we'll win tonight
  8. No fair! Butttttttt >_> they play again January 2nd and that's at Miami ^^ lol. O and you guys are playing New York Knicks tonight. They are doing good ^^ i hope you guys win. I'll try to watch the game too and cheer for you guys to win.

    Btw, thanks so much for the gift ^^.
  9. Yes home court advantage! i can't wait! The Maverics are better than ever!
  10. O it's been on >.> lol *looks up schedule* December 20th is the day :P lol. Damn >.> the games played at Dallas.
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