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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Actually rick changed the line up
  2. Looks like dallas won....totally missed the game >.> this means either the team they played TOTALLY sucked and never won a game this season or my bad luck curse is real o_o; lol jk :P. I hope you guys win more games.
  3. No I'm not I'm just stating the truth
  4. Aw see now you're just showing off :P lol.
  5. Go under and look it up it is a word in fact it is the longest word in the english dictionary
  6. Damn >_>....there goes my 50% profile domination lol *must start from scratch* >.>.
    antidisestablishmentarianism does that even mean. Is that even a word. Even firefox doesn't think it's a word and things i'm trying to spell establishments lol.
  7. I've never failed a spelling test before! And I was in my fourth grade spelling bee. I can spell really long words like antidisestablishmentarianism. I've completely taken over yours
  8. *has officially taken over half of this profile* :P lol.
  9. Hahahaha that's what spell check is for yep yep T_T. Who >_> learns spelling these days when you have spell check :P. And it looks like you totally take pride in this lol. You are too cute not to forgiven <3 lol.
  10. I HATE STUPID SPELLING! Oh yeah I probably could get away with a lot of things
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