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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. *has successfully dominated half of your profile*
  2. Nuuuu i just realized dallas is playing T_T; and i checked the sorry lol. Pacers are a good team though T_T they made it to the playoffs last season.
  3. btw >.> you sooooooo do not own my profile anymore but i'm getting half way to owning yours :P lol.
  4. Yeah language can be a barier to understanding each other and once overcome it can lead to a lot. Though i'm pretty impressed with a lot of these people who are from different countries and how they're able to communicate with our primary langauge when it's not even their primary. All i know is that T_T if i were in their shoes i'd be so lazy to study >.> lol and would not nearly speak as well as they do. Imagine a world where u can transfer your thoughts and feelings directly to people's minds. I'd soooo be the best language speaker out there yep lol.
  5. I know but to me language is opening doors to many people
  6. She really is sweet. I can really tell from talking to her. Also, i feel she doesn't respond enough because she doesn't know english too well. Which makes sense since she is only in 7th grade in a different country and i've known people in college who've had english troubles, so i just try to understand those things lol but otherwise i can tell she's a really sweet person.
  7. I guess you're right she seems really sweet
  8. Aw that's really sweet ^^. You really shouldn't though. She hasn't messaged me sometimes she's on since i wasn't on that time. It's just how she thinks these things work since she's really young. Otherwise i'm sure she's happy having u has a friend also. Just dont feel dejected. That is really sad (also sweet since it shows how nice of a person u are ^^). She doesn't do that on purpose or has any ill intentions at all. I'm sure she will message you if she ever sees you on.
  9. But it makes me feel dejected and she is one of my friends
  10. Ummmm cause i'm just that special :P lol. She only messages people she sees on usually. Like i wrote her a reply from last time she never replied to when she signed on this time and started a new topic (she's done this almost everytime). So she's like that and just messages people who she sees on. She doesn't mean anything bad by it. I think she is just young and thinks that's how it's suppose to be with these messages.
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