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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. I always get As and Bs in spanish
  2. For us we had to take 2 years in high school as requirement. I never studied much T_T. I even tried cheating on some of the exams >.> lol. I was a horrible student in spanish class.
  3. We start learning in middle school and only two years because the people that don't start in middle school learn it in highschool but we normally start in middle school
  4. Do you start learning in high school or before? How many years are required.
  5. Well living in texas it's hard to forget spanish because our state is mostly hispanic so it is a requirment that we learn spanish
  6. I've taken spanish in high school and french i took two semesters in college but i forgot both o_o;. Like seriously it took maybe 2 days after my french class was over to forget most of it lol. And the little i do know T_T; i get it confused with spanish and vice versa lol. It's so hard to remember a language that u can't practice speaking everyday lol.
  7. Umm... japanese, chinese, french, and german, oh yeah and spanish
  8. Don't you get hungry by not having lunch? Do you only eat dinner then lol. Haha we are totally different :P i'm in engineering and i dont like languages T_T. I'm all about science and math lol. What languages do you want to learn besides english.
    O and thanks for the welcome back lol. I made that tread in May ^^. I'm not sure how it got back up. Well more welcomes for me i guess lol xD.
  9. I don't normally have lunch but if I do it's just ramen. And engineering isn't my thing I like languages
  10. It just got started actually T_T; lol. About to have lunch. How about yours. What do you have for lunch usually. I have the same stuff on weekends >.> milkshake and bagel. O and you can call me KP if you'd like. My original account on here was KP4 when i was active here several years back. I dont go on there anymore though lol.

    Btw, that's pretty good experience if you want to go into a technical line. Do things like engineering interest you?
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