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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. websites. The organizations look at the websites and then a person that is from the organization comes and tells us how we did we've already already done one for the FBI
  2. Really? What kind of projects are they if they're for real organizations.
  3. My school isn't easy every time we do a project it is for real organizations
  4. i went to a catholic private high school and it was horrible >_>. Seriously i will never say one good thing about that high school lol. It was really easy also. Probably a lot easier than your school o_o.
  5. She's crazy and she is just mean the principal is fun but she is all yucky
  6. That's a really stupid reason for getting your hat taken. Who cares if you're wearing a had in the building. It's not hurting anyone. I think the assistant principal had it coming lol. But i am surprised he didn't get suspended. Cursing at him would be sure trouble lol
  7. He didn't get suspended but he got his hat back. He got it taken away because he was wearing it in the building. It wasn't anything bad just a monkey winter hat
  8. Ohhhhh personal secret >.> i must know now lol jk :P. I used to do that ^^ get up really early cause i really wanted to watch this one anime. All the way at 4 AM o_o then i'd wake up again at 9:30 T_T to watch winx club >.> yeah i know it's winx club lol. But now T_T i just watch all anime on computer. What anime is it o_o.
    Hahahaha your friend must have really liked that hat. Did he get suspended for it lol. I bet the assistant principal must have been pissed. Why did he get his take taken anyway.
  9. I'm doing good! I have no plans except for gtetting ready for school on Monday. And that is my own pesonal secret! Well not really but don't really know the answer to that I guess it's the anime that wakes me up early in the morning. My friend cussed out the assistant principal for taking his hat
  10. .................................your profile T_T.........................i have lost my domination..........noooooooooooooo.............lo l. I shall be back >.> lol.
    How are you doing? Any plans for the weekend? Btw, how are you always up before i am. I always go to sleep earlier than you T_T.
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