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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. OMG you ACTUALLY liked the second season >_>; lol jk :P. I just didn't like the fact that yin was dead, but yes you are right she isn't classified dead so i hope she is alive. It would be awesome if they continued o_o; since the manga has more to it lol. They also skipped parts in the middle of yig and hei.
  2. Shush that season was golden! Rumors are that they're making a third season. Oh yeah aand yin isn't classified as dead yet
  3. So you had a anime marathon today. I didn't like the second season for that anime T_T it was really sad how everyone was dead.
  4. Rewatching darker than BLACK
  5. Yep >_> hate the police making things all boring and safe lol jk. What have you been doing today.
  6. I can see how that would be boring
  7. Hahahaha we were up till 3 AM ^^. But i got a that new phone samsung galaxy S iii. I was hoping people start pushing and shoving and stampede. But it was boring T_T people were nice and orderly and walked in when they were told.
  8. Wow I would get uncomfortable rreally quick
  9. Yeah it kind of sucks they lost. Right now T_T im standing in line in front of best buy and there are like 500+ people ahead of me lol.
  10. We just ate all day. I know I didn't think they would catch up that fast
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