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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Wow I would get uncomfortable rreally quick
  2. Yeah it kind of sucks they lost. Right now T_T im standing in line in front of best buy and there are like 500+ people ahead of me lol.
  3. We just ate all day. I know I didn't think they would catch up that fast
  4. Hey, been out all day lol. How was your day. Did you guys do anything special. Too bad the cowboys lost. I didn't get to watch the game but i was surprised when i saw the final score 31 to 38. Considering it was 3 to 21 at one point, they really caught up. I dont like redskins so i wanted cowboys to win.
  5. I read different types of books
  6. Wow....i just realized i misspelled author >_>. What kind of books do you like. I like fantasy books (like anime). This book just had a really stupid story lol. And thanks ^^ Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. I haven't read a book I didn't like. Happy thaanksgiving!
  8. OMG Camille's profile is giving away my secret >_> sooooo meannnn.
    I just finished reading one of the worst books i ever read T_T. It's called Digital Fortress. The auther that wrote the de vinci code wrote it. It was so horrible. What's the worst book u read lol. I'm going to start reading the seven realm series now.
  9. Sure even though it is all over my profile
  10. Same mom still buys clothes for me hahahaha <.< >.> only our little secret lol :P. I don't think i'm going to buy anything, though i might get a new cell phone maybe.
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