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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Yeah I know. I can't do clannad at all. that stuff is only for everyone else. Kanon doesn't have much romance anyway only in one episode and then it is like implied but then it's like friendship anyway. I love Kanon so much and air was too much like misuzu was an ok character but it wasn't really sad for me.
  2. They should give u lockers in high school than 5th grade >.>;. I would be freaking out if I were failing everything lol. So do u plan on cramming and doing really well on the finals ^^. Yeah >_>; im sure your rank is horrible xD colleges look at that stuff. Yes Clannad is ok lol. It doesn't have much romance drama. Most of the drama is after they get married. It's a nice change from a lot of the other romance animes that just concentrate on love triangles and such.
  3. Nah I just have to get used to it again it doesn't hurt that much. No we don't, the last time I used a locker was in fifth grade. Yes I am currently failing all my classes yes I have mastered the art of last minute cramming and procrastinating that is why I'm kinda not worried but my rank is going to suck because there aren't many students in my class. I see but clannad is ok? I stopped watching clannad because it was too sad for me to even think about.
  4. Haha that's not good if u're cramping xD u may get arthritis ;_;. Dont u guys have lockers to put your books in ^^ I guess they can get pretty heavy still. But are u really failing ALL your classes as in a D or F o_o;. I hope not ;_; I'd have to repeat and I think your parents would be pissed. Lol u havent mastered the art of procrastination and last minute cramming ^^. Yeah the tear jerker is the reason I dont want to watch kanon.
  5. Yep it is a work out but it's ok though. Ahh I was playing osu mania yesterday and my fingers caught a cramp. I get stronger arms lifting up my backpack everyday. Yes Kanon is definitely one to watch during the winter. It doesn't get romantic until episode 19. It is actually funny before episode 10. The 10th episode is when the tears start. It has a happy ending though! and the ending song is nice and preppy! My dad was very demanding when I was home so no I didn't have fun. School sucks I'm so lazy now I'm failing every class now! someone help me with my otaku laziness! >_<
  6. That sounds like playing OSU on regular screen is a workout ^^ maybe u'll get super strong arms xD. Hothead kind of gave me a summer feeling but kanon definitely gonna vest a winter feeling (probably cause of all the snow lol). I dont think I'll ever watch kanon though. I dont like romance drama animes. That sucks well I hope u had some fun at home at least. How's school going for u?
  7. I didn't go to the fair. But if I did I would normally eat a turkey leg and a funnel cake. I didn't get to go trick or treating this year because my dad pissed me off. I play both on a regular computer screen. It isn't that hard but your arm starts to hurt after a while but you get used to it. I couldn't figure out taiko either but I finally did and I'm good at it. yeah higurashi gives me a very fall feel. I didn't like air because I couldn't get attached to the characters. It was ok but not one of my favorites not like kanon 2006
  8. Hey sorry about the late reply. I was visiting my parents last week so i couldnt sing on ;_;. Yep, i haven't been to the state fair. I actually haven't been to many fairs in general >.>; all the rides look so dangerous as if they might fall apart xD. So did you go to the fair? If u did what did u do/eat. How was your Halloween ^^. Did u dress up?
    Haha i cant figure out how to play taiko ;_;. I tired it once but i think i forgot about it now xD. Do u play standardosu on your computer or touch screen. Computer seems really hard and well even touch screen would hurt your fingers ^^. lol u watch anime depending on season. I've never done that. I guess higurashi is more of a fall anime for u ^^. How could u not like Air >_>;.
  9. You've never been to the Texas state fair. The fair got 42 million dollars this year from people. It is so big that we get a day off of school to go to the fair. normally they are small but not this one. the state fair of Texas is a huge event that has been happening for 128 years and this year it was the most successful. the funnel cakes sold out before the fair was over.
    Yeah I could tell. I've been falling in osumania but my osutaiko and standardosu ranking is through the roof. I hated taiko before but now I play it all the time.
    I've been watching tegami bachi and some more anime that i have finished. I need to watch higurashi because it is the fall after all. finished black butler book of circus. Can't wait for the winter though because I get to rewatch Kanon 2006!. I was disappointed with Air though.
  10. What's fair day? Do u guys have a fair nearby? I hope u enjoyed your little break ^^. Im alright. Lately, i've been watching a lot of anime that i've been putting off lol. Have you watched any anime lately? Speaking of which it's been a looooong time since i've been on OSU xD. Dango-chan was trying to get me to come on last week but ;_; it didn't work out.
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