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Conversation Between redtear and ms.Purdy

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  1. perfect weapon - black veil brides
  2. Give me one of your favorite songs. I want to listen to it ^^.
  3. black veil brides, pierce the veil, blood on the dance floor,kiss,motley crue's,marylin manson,asking alexandrea yeahhhhhhh
  4. Thanks for the donation ^^. You really are skinny then. I probably weight 77 kg. I listen to some rock music. What bands do i like. I listen to usually bullet for my valentine, skillet, three days grace, red, and so on.
  5. rock /metal and i weight 62
  6. Piece of dry paper o_o; u must be really skinny ^^;. My mom tells me i am all dried out too....probably cause i starve myself sometimes >_>. I can never eat if i'm ever depressed T_T lol. What kind of music do u listen to.
  7. ummmm 20 and 21 and no she calls my dad that she calls me a dry piece of paper lol
  8. Wait T_T your mom calls u an old fart lol. What age would you pick to be for the rest of your life. For me either 20 or 24 T_T dont ask me why i pick those numbers lol. I just like >.> evan numbers haha :P.
  9. lol well i wish to :3 like my mom says old fart
  10. haha well im 25 ^^. I know i feel old >_>. Why can't we just be one age for the rest of our lives. Lets see maybe my turn now. Im from florida and finished college recently.
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