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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. I don't care if i'm a girl or not i need to grow up and stop crying! ;-;
    I have high defense in sports/Like in soccer i'm usually defense.In dodgeball
    defense is all i have.I can't catch very good.But i manage to dodge a lot.
  2. Hahahaha Momo-chan is such a wusssssssssssssssss :P lol jk.
    I've been there where u don't want to cry but stupid tears just fall down and you're like >_> damn tears.
    It's ok for momo-chan to cry though since she's a girl lol.
    How does momo-chan have high defense lol.
  3. I hate the last day of school! I don't want to cry cause I don't
    want to look like a wussy but the stupid tears start coming out of my eyes.
    Then I just keep saying "Stop crying you stupid kid." to myself.
    I'm usually the defender in soccer.I always have high defense! :P
  4. Momo-chan randomly hugged her teacher >.> i think momo-chan gave him nightmares from that hug lol xD.
    Hahahaha if momo-chan gives him another random hug hahahaha i'd sooooo want to see his reaction.
    I bet he thinks of you as the crazy girl that hugs your randomly lol.
    It is soooo funny i still can't believe momo-chan gave him a hug like that and asked him for another T_T.
    Nuuuu end of the school year is always like that, but you forget and move on lol :P i know such a unemotional thing to say.
    I am no good with controlling the ball so i'm on defense that requires u to kick the ball away lol.
  5. Me and my teacher don't hug cause he feels uncomfortable.
    But at the last day of school i'ma give him a big good bye hug.
    I'ma miss my teachers and friends. ;-;
    I'm awesome at soccer....well i try at least. xD
  6. Momo-chan should try to headbutt the ball next time >.>.
    I totally suck at soccer T_T.
    Maybe momo-chan's new teacher is trying to get free child labor lol jk.
    Did momo-chan try to hug that teacher again.
    That must have been so awkward lol.
    Momo-chan asks "can i hug you"
    Teacher thinks *wtf is up with this girl and hugs she practically just attacked me yesterday*
    Teacher says "no"
    *both stare awkward moment* lol
  7. Good.I played soccer again and I almost got hit in the
    face! >-< Plus I had a lot of fun in math class.Apparently
    the new teacher gives you extra credit for picking up trash. >.>
  8. Momo-chan trying to get me sick againnnnnnn T_T so meannnn~. How's been school lately.
  9. Maybe....>:3
  10. did >.> momo-chan wash hands before poking...................
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