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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. >_> Momo-chan is the one trying to make me sick.
    She already made me sick once T_T and now she's at it again so i watch Lilo and Stitch with her.
    Momo-chan is sooooo meannnnnnnnnn lol.
    I think momo-chan needs T_T to stop complaining and just catch the eevee lol.
    It says there is a 5% chance so that means for every 1 and 20 pokemons momo-chan runs into one of them will be a eevee.
    That means there is a 2.5% chance or 1 in 40 chance of it being a female eevee assuming the male and female is split 50/50.
    So just run into pokemon and flee from battle until you get a female eevee.
    All this time momo-chan is spending complaining can be spent getting the eevee >_> lol.
  2. But those movies are hilarious!I would watch other types of movies if
    SOMEONE *cough* Kushi *cough* would watch Lilo and Stitch with me. >.>
    But there's a bunch of pokemon in the trophy garden!!!It's too hard! ;-;
  3. Ok you can catch a eevee. There's a 5% chance of encountering an eevee in the Trophy Garden. That's where i got my eevee in platinum. So yeah just go there and find an eevee.
  4. LOL step brothers was hilarious T_T.
    And yeah it had a lot of disturbing parts >_> i think momo-chan needs to stay away from these movies lol.
    How did you get your eevee.
    Was it given to you.
    A lot of times the pokemon that are given to you are only male so u can't breed them (momo-chan's such a pervert lol).
    I think i got a eevee in a different way, i'm not sure if that's in pearl.
    I'll look into it.
    But usually if there is a gender option i just reset it until i get the gender and personality i want lol.
  5. I even watched Step Brothers!That movie was hilarious but had
    some disturbing parts. xD
    I couldn't breed my EEVEE because it's a boy and I need a girl to
    make more EEVEEs!!! >-<
  6. >.> Momo-chan can be huge and no one will mess with her though T_T lol.
    It would be sooooo funny if momo-chan had huge muscles lol.
    I didnt even watch that movie >_> momo-chan is watching bad movies.
    lol momo-chan is still playing that game T_T; did she get all the eevees yet lol i did when i played it.
  7. I don't want muscles.It looks like you're gonna explode! >-<
    Haha.Guess what?I even watched The Hangover Part 2 and it
    was just wow. O-O"
    Oh!Kushi evolved today into and Azurill! x3

  8. Maybe momo-chan should get big muscles >.> then everyone will be too scared to take advantage of her lol :P.
    Momo-chan o_o watched that movie <_< that movie is rated R and it has sooooooo many perverted jokes wtf momo-chan i'd think you'd be scared off lol.
  9. Being a crybaby means that people take advantage of you more.
    And I hate that. >.>
    Haha.My cousin showed me that movie. xD
  10. Momo-chan is too worried about being a crybaby.
    What's wrong with being a crybaby T_T.
    I think momo-chan needs to go through this training for dodgeball so she can be better.
    He's right if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
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