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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. There's only one of him. ;-;
    I hate emotions! Q-Q
  2. It's not THAT hard to figure out >_> especially when u write a blog entree that broadcasts it to the world lol. I dont get it though. You've been fine so far and he's been gone for a while so why do u feel sad now about it. Im sure u'll meet someone else u will like more. U just need to wait. You're only 14 years old. Maybe if u were 25 >_>; It might be a different story then lol.
  3. You're such a stalker... ;-;
  4. Is it about your blog entree and u missing that spain guy.
  5. Kushi I'm sad. ;-;
  6. I remember Ants! The ants look like skeletons to me. O.O
  7. I watched that movie lol. There is also another movie called antz about ants lol. Then there is another movie called "bee movie" about bees lol. It's been a while since i've watched them so i dont remember them too well.
  8. No.But there is a movie called A Bug's Life! xD
    I love that movie!

  9. That bug has some huge eyes >_>; dont tell me they're making another bug movie.
  10. Look! xD

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