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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Okey Dokey! I hope
    you feel better. :3
  2. Hey momo-chan. I think ill have to reply back to u sunday. Things were bad and now they are busy lol.
  3. Aww it's ok Kushi.You don't
    have to reply if you don't feel good.
    *pats on the head*
    No pressure.
  4. I did. Im sorry. I havent been doing so well these last few days and have been pretty out of it. Ill try to reply tomorrow night.
  5. Did you get my PM?O-o
  6. ok.No problem.
    Happy 4th!!!
  7. i'll reply later tonight ok ^^. My family and i are going to go see fireworks. I hope u go see fireworks too >.>. Actually i hope u do fireworks ^^ i like playing with fire >.> it's fun.
  8. No problem.^^ It's always nice to make new friends.
    You were another great person i was willing to meet.
    And i'm glad i met you.^^
  9. Momo-chan, i haven't posted on your visitor message for a while >_> so i felt it was about time....yep T_T. I still remember >.>; your first message. You called me sir T_T; so polite. You are so funny ^^;. But im glad you message cause i met such a great friend from it lol.
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