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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Thanks Kushi.
    You always have something nice to say even
    if you call yourself mean.Your really nice man. ;-; *le sad hug*
  2. That's really horrible momo-chan. I can see that being a problem though since really in most parents mind their children usually come first before other children. But in return if he ever wants to gain your trust he's ganna have to grow up. It's hard growing up like this momo-chan but really the best thing u can do is be close to your mother and keep the peace as much as u can. Right now you dont have much of a choice and u have to live with what others do. But if u work hard in school and do good in college u wont have to do this. You will get more freedom and be able to do and keep relationships the way you want them. So just stay who you are and do your best with your studies so u can do that while not letting things at home get to u and change u.
  3. It's nothing much just the usual.My sister is bragging about
    stuff and blaming it on me and of course my stupid step dad always
    agrees with her because i'm not his real child. >.>
  4. O really? What is it about, u can PM me about it if u want to talk about it privately.
  5. I'm ok.My family started fighting again as
    usual. >.>
  6. Hey, how are you doing. I'll reply to your PM probably tomorrow.
  7. Sup Kushi~
  8. Indeed~ >:3

  9. Why Mr. Momo-chan, we both are gentleman with very fine prominent mustaches here. As fellow gentleman with fine prominent mustaches we much talk in a gentleman/rich/snobby/lavish type dialong. Would you not agree? And yes what fine day we are having.
  10. Kushi you sound weird when we talk on VM's. xD
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