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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Haha. xD I've been wondering.
    Why doesn't Kushi ever change his avatar?
  2. Ummmm maybe it was little bug's spirits haunting momo-chan for boiling them in soup and eating them T_T. They came back for their revenge >.> lol.
  3. But it felt like i was dying.>.>
    I think the bugs would be dead because i heard a
    crunch when i ate them! xD
  4. Momo-chan's stomach is hurting cause all the buggies are crawling in her stomach >.> I bet momo-chan can feel them moving :P lol. It's good momo-chan won't die T_T though that was obvious she wouldn't ^^.
  5. Yeah.I have today off too cause my stomach was hurting.
    But my cough and my head ache went away! Yes!
    I'm not going to die!!!
  6. Guess momo-chan took today off also. Momo-chan now has an entire week off. Momo-chan and her bug soup >.> she probably has all kinds of bugs in her stomatch. Maybe momo-chan feels them moving around :P.
  7. Or maybe it was from the bug soup! xD
  8. Now where did momo-chan come up with that name T_T. Maybe momo-chan got sick from ladybug pee :P.
  9. My fever is called the Ladybugs and Churros Fever! xD
  10. Awwww see you are just sick and NOT dying lol.
    Momo-chan is so funny T_T for overreacting.
    Ummmm >.> i dont want to get sick.
    So Momo-chan should stay far away from me lol.
    *gets in radioactive suite*
    *is scared to catch momo-chans fever*
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