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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. I'll message you once i beat them.
    I'ma try and beat them right now.
    My babies are gonna beat their babies! xD
  2. Momo-chan's playstation 3 avatar didn't show. The link isn't working.
    Level 61 should be enough to beat the final 4. The champion might me a challenge though but i think momo-chan can win.
  3. No.But my pokemon are at level 61.
    I don't know if i should go to the Pokemon League.
    This is my Playstation 3 avatar.
  4. Momo-chan is so mean~. It's a picture of pikachu T_T did momo-chan beat the pokemon game yet.
  5. Yeah but Kushi can be think what's under-Ok! no more talking about that stuff.
    xD Kushi's perviness is contagious. xD jk
    Look at the cute pic i found!
  6. Hey now she is >.> fully clothed. There's nothing wrong with having a female avatar. Maybe some of the forum creep will think i'm a girl and try flirting with me. It's happened to me before sadly T_T LOL.
  7. Is it cause Kushi's a perve? xD I'm just kidding with you.
  8. My avatar T_T no idea. I like it since >.> it has the night sky and a girl standing in the wind. I dont think i'll ever change it T_T lol. I just feel it fits "something" really well except >.> i got no idea what that "something" is lol.
  9. Haha. xD I've been wondering.
    Why doesn't Kushi ever change his avatar?
  10. Ummmm maybe it was little bug's spirits haunting momo-chan for boiling them in soup and eating them T_T. They came back for their revenge >.> lol.
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