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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Who do i cheer for in football? I dont have a team T_T i cheer for different teams almost every season. Right now i'm cheering for Seahawks, Broncos, Giants, and Saints lol. But i do feel bad for momo-chan's cardinals >.> so i hope they win a game soon....just not against the Seahawks and Saints though T_T lol.
  2. Haha.That's messed up Kushi.Who does Kushi go for?
  3. Lets hope your babies aren't like your cardinal babies :P lol jk.
  4. I'll message you once i beat them.
    I'ma try and beat them right now.
    My babies are gonna beat their babies! xD
  5. Momo-chan's playstation 3 avatar didn't show. The link isn't working.
    Level 61 should be enough to beat the final 4. The champion might me a challenge though but i think momo-chan can win.
  6. No.But my pokemon are at level 61.
    I don't know if i should go to the Pokemon League.
    This is my Playstation 3 avatar.
  7. Momo-chan is so mean~. It's a picture of pikachu T_T did momo-chan beat the pokemon game yet.
  8. Yeah but Kushi can be think what's under-Ok! no more talking about that stuff.
    xD Kushi's perviness is contagious. xD jk
    Look at the cute pic i found!
  9. Hey now she is >.> fully clothed. There's nothing wrong with having a female avatar. Maybe some of the forum creep will think i'm a girl and try flirting with me. It's happened to me before sadly T_T LOL.
  10. Is it cause Kushi's a perve? xD I'm just kidding with you.
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