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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. OMG momo-chan she was wayyyyyyyy too old for me >_>........ok T_T maybe not that old but stillllllllll momo-chan seems to be the one getting the pervy ideas here >.>; lol.
    Ummmmmm bears aren't pervy....they are nice and warm and totally cute and they give huggies.
    Hasn't momo-chan ever heard of bear hug.
    Seeeeeee they are so momo-chan is jealous cause she wants a bear hug :P.
  2. Just like that nice Mexican girl at the store too huh? xD
    Kushi's such a pervy oso.(oso means bear in spanish) >:3
  3. Hahahaha well Momo-chan babies come from pokemon day care.
    That's where momo-chan came from o_o her mom went to pokemon day care and there was an egg all of a sudden with momo-chan.
    >_> OMG momo-chan i sooooooooooo do not go into any details about any girls T_T.
    I just said European girls where nice and that can just mean they are nice people tooooooooooooooo.
  4. No i don't know where babies come from.What kind of question
    is that!? xD
    Kushi does give details.He gives details about Italian and European girls! xD
  5. WHAT breeding pokemon is sooooooo perverted >_> how do u think they "breed".
    Does momo-chan know where babies come from :P lol.
    Details....i dont give any details.
    Maybe momo-chan is just thinking bad things lol.
  6. What the heck!? I wasn't perve talking!
    I was talking about breeding my EEVEEs.
    At least i didn't give details like Kushi always does. xD
  7. Is momo-chan going to try catching other legendary pokemon then.
    After you beat the champion u have access to different kinds of pokemon so now momo-chan can catch even more.
    Momo-chan is so perve talking about pokemon sex >_> lol.
    That's a good idea to breed your Eevee so u can get all kinds ^^.
  8. I did beat the Champion.She had so beautiful pokemon that i
    kept staring at them and saying "I want it!" xD But i can never catch a stinking
    Febas and i get mad.I'm have to breed my Eevee first so that way i can
    have all the types!I love EEVEES! They look like foxes.With their little furry
    paws prancing around in the forest like a hyper deer! xD
  9. Ummmmmmmmmm NOT MOMO-CHAN T_T lol >.>. Momo-chan named her eevee vic >.> such a waste T_T lol jk you are so funny. So did momo-chan beat the champion yet? Is momo-chan going to evolve her eevee.
  10. Guess who beat the Elite Four and got an EEVEE who's nickname
    is now Vic!? xD
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