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Conversation Between redtear and tesaamari

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  1. To me honest, she does know and well -_- recently I found out how much she's talked behind my back. Like made fun of how I feel and told people she shouldn't my private things and make fun of them. I didn't know she was like this at all and now im really disgusted with her since for the past 2 months I've really been hurt a lot. While in that time she's only treated me badly and made jokes about me behind my back about how im probably crying all day from her cold replies and such. It's really messed up. I guess finding the truth helps me at least not be as sad as I was before. And yeah I really didn't mean to ignore u at all >_< it's just this has taken so much out of me. So im really sorry again, I really do feel bad.
  2. oh, i am so sorry to hear that. does this girl know how much you like her?
    don't worry, i understand. maybe you really are having a bad time cause i know you never meant to ignore me.
    i know how patient you are with me whenever i take much time before i could answer your messages.
    i hope you'll be fine soon
  3. Im sorry I haven't replied back. It doesn't have anything to do with u. I haven't replied back to other people also. I've been going through a really hard time because of this girl I really like. But she's been treating me extremely badly and recently I found out shes been really close with some guy. So I just haven't felt like talking to anyone for the past 2 months. I tried to reply to u but i couldnt think of what to write. And the replies I sent I had to force myself to write since they were short I felt bad for ignoring them. But to be honest, Im not doing good. I probably cry everyday and its gotten to a point where im even scared to sleep at night at times since im scared to know what tomorrow will have. Somedays every second is painful. I've been really hurt I guess. But I am really sorry. I really wasn't ignoring u, and I really feel bad since I know u tried to message me even when u were busy with college.
  4. hello there, redtear
    i am just wondering why you aren't replying on my messages.
    it's not that i am demanding that you always reply whenever i send you messages but it's unusual that i don't get replies from you and i can't help thinking why..
    hope you are feeling great right now
  5. regarding my formal review, i already decided to continue it. that's one of the reasons why i took so long to reply again >.<
    my grandfather told me to take the board exam first before i start working. he told me he would support me hehe he's a bit old already to be still working but he still supports me financially, he really is so sweet
    i got to talk to my teacher too and she told me she would also help me. God is really great, He makes things possible for me
  6. we have four mango trees of different variety (all of which are bearing fruits now and its fun tasting each of them one by one hahaha)
    we also have rambutan which also bears fruit once a year (i dunno how it is called in English haha)
    some of our newly planted fruit trees are marang, durian, and longan (you can just google them to see what they look like haha). i think we also have lychee

    haha yeah, i think we have the same taste when it comes to these kinds of animes
    hmm, don't you have a girlfriend now? (you may not answer it if you don't want to hehe)
    do you know kimi ni todoke? its one of my most-loved anime haha
  7. no, only few people got to share some experiences in college but there are some who represented the whole class and shared the memories we had. but each one of us got to give our messages of thanks and gratitude to our parents/guardians.
    the underclassmen surprised us with video presentations with our childhood pictures on it and with our friends/loved ones congratulating us and wishing us good luck as we continue our journey to the outside world haha and we were also surprised by the magazine they made just for us. we got pillows and flowers and jackets with the classname written on it.
    i won three titles when we had our elite33 awards, i was the awardee of "ms. fashionista", "late bird" >.< and, with a classmate of mine, "ultimate loveteam" hahaha but those were just for fun our ceremony lasted for just five hours.
  8. Yeah angle beats was sad. I'll try to watch anohana but those sad animes that make u cry T_T; take a lot of strength to watch lol. Yeah I really hate love triangles, i've just been heartbroken too many times that I dont think I can handle them. Also doesn't it seem unfair to have anyone be loved so much by 2 people or more. Everyone should only have one person as a soul mate to always be with. I guess it just makes me sad and makes me wonder if i'll ever find that person. I do watch the laid back harem types though. They're usually just funny than serious so I dont mind those lol.

    I think u should do what u feel most comfortable with. U know yourself the best. So pick what u think will give u the best result in the long run. Many people are too quick to work and do everything. However, I know I would have a hard time studying after work. I need my free time. So it would be better for me to properly study when I dont have a job. So it's best to know yourself and decide based on it.
  9. So does each person have to go up and talk about what they did in college and what they want to do in future? What kind of gifts did u get? Yeah that is a really huge ceremony. Here college graduation just has too many students like thousands graduating. So it's not very personal. Also it's more a celebration to people graduating lol. No gifts either though we do give college a gift like a pillar or something that will say class of 2014 or whatever more so to leave our mark. Also im pretty sure nobody wants to tell what they really did in college haha probably just be facebook, drinking, and partying. It's sad but true. Just how many hours does your ceremony last?

    Yeah ^^ I really love nature but im pretty lazy when it comes to planting lol. What kind of fruit trees domu guys have?
  10. haha angel beats was fun to watch, i laughed a lot but i felt sad in the end. you should try watching anohana, it wasn't much of a love triangle but more on friendship, i really cried a lot there T.T
    i don't like love triangles that's why i don't watch much harem-ful anime but sometimes it's the plot that will make you watch them

    i don't think i'll be able to enroll for a formal review now, my teacher offered me help though but i haven't talked to her since then. my friend advised me to look for a job so i could work while studying but i think that would require much of my energy and it might be stressful. right now i'm still looking for a job, i think i will just take the exam next year >.<
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