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Conversation Between redtear and abyisidro

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  1. Exam time is the perfect time to do those things u dont normally do >.>;. I know I dont want to spend my anime and video game time doing those things haha. So dont let this time go to waste :P. And good luck on your exam lol ^^.
  2. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. sem's not yet finished. just had an extra time to say hi. or just using this time to say hi instead of studying for my exam tomorrow. ahahaha
  3. Haha well if u pull a kushal u can not have classes for an entire month or better yet >.>; entire semester lol jk :P. Yeah it becomes really tiring. I know how that feels and u really need a break sometimes. But u know, u get so many more breaks while u're in school then when u're working. So yeah enjoy those school breaks/holidays while u can :P lol. Dont let those nerds >.>; make u feel u have to study during them haha.
  4. 2nd year college. 2 more years before graduation. a year more if i exchange student for a year. so yeah, long way to go. i love school. but sometimes i wish i have no classes for 1 week.
  5. heeeeeeey, redtear-sama, happy happy birthday! come here and i'll give you an ice cream. ^^
  6. WHAT >_>; so u're friends aren't throwing u a ice cream party to celebrate. Terrible >_>; i would have if i were there ;P haha. When are u graduating >.>; dont u have a long ways to go? Oh trust me u definitely do NOT want to work lol. School is like way better >.>; so enjoy it while it lasts :P.
  7. sadly no. and i actually dont know. hahaha. just an elementary level japanese maybe? but the test was difficult. im doing a lot of stuff. school sem's about to end. -.- errrrr, i really want to graduate now but i don't want to work. -.-
  8. Oh >.>; I never would have guessed that haha. Does it get u >.>; free ice cream haha jk :P. I was just wondering how n4 compares relative to japanese school level. Is it equal to like 8th grade japanese? I'm alright, just been my normal unmotivated self haha. What about u?
  9. uhh an exam that would determine if you have proficiency in Japanese? hahaha. i took N4 level, but the highest level is N1. still far from being fluent, but i guess, im still improving. so how are you?
  10. Congratulations that's so awesome. So what is it exactly?
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