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Conversation Between redtear and dango-chan

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  1. Haha Yukine gets a lot better after episode 9 ^^ but >_> before wasn't he really annoying. Im sure you must have really hated him ^^. He almost killed Yato.
    Oh you should >_>; totally kill Yukine if you're roleplaying as Yato xD. Yato would have in the anime anyway ^^ if hiyori wasn't there. I think he said something like that.
    Yes >.>; wanting to smell someone totally isn't creepy at all xD. It's yato....Hiyori always smells him so you can't hold back.
    Did you finish watching noragami?
  2. No. stahp Yukine. the thing happened. I finished episode 9 today. he better be goddamn sorryyyyy for all that shizzzzzzz. / flails
    I will slap him--
    I wonder if I do make a Yato roleplay how I will handle Yukine. uvu I want to smell Yato, thoooooooo-- / hit
    'cause I'm totally not being creepy or anythinggggg
    but it's Yatoooooooo
    I did start an edit for a Yato MMD model. I think I got his face rightttt--
    I need to find a base body to use and his outfit, thooooo
  3. Noooo ;_; you still haven't finished DMMd >_>; i think you need to do some hacking and steal someone elses internet ^^ lol.
    Haha I like how everyone thinks of Yato has some bum. He kind of is ;_; and he does all these random odd jobs.
    He also smells nice toooo :3.
    I think u will hate Yukine soon enough ^^.
  4. I've only watched like the first two episodes, so I kinda only know that Yukine is Yato's Regalia and his name, sooooooo, yeh.
    but then. Yato's fluffy wuff scarfffff-- / flails
    words can't even. bsksbxkshwoab
    ahhhh, I still haven't finished DMMd yet, thoooooooooo
    I watched up to eight last night. TvT Internet issues are being a painnnnn
  5. That's terrible ;_; i hope you guys will be ok. Haha >_>; bam....i feel you were the bam that made it happen ^^. I have watched Noragami when it aired. It was pretty good, but i really didn't like Yukina. Seriously >_> that guy annoyed me so much ^^. He makes yato suffer. Haha you changed your avy and forum background to yato ^^ you always do that It looks pretty good. Oh btw, what did you think of the last episode of dramatical murder. I thought it was cool how they didnt select a single path and tried to go through all of them. But I'm confused on ren (Aoba's brother) survived. Virus and Trip saved him i guess, but didn't Aoba break him >_>;. Oh and Mizuki is fine too lol.
  6. we just haven't been able to pay the bills for the phone and internet service. Financial problems everywhereeee. Luki is Luka's genderbend, but at the time both Meito and Luki were being flirty sluts, so. it just happened. bam, like that. X'D
    Have you heard of Noragami, thooooo? I started watching it today because Yato's greatttttt--
    I've only watched the first episode this morning, though. uvu
  7. What happened to your internet and phone at home T_T; that must really really suck >_>;. I don't think I could survive. Luki is the male version of Luka right? How did they become a couple?
  8. I think Aoba tried to use his powers on Virus and Trip but it didn't work since they're ears were modified just to prevent it from working on them. I don't think I need the download links, I'll just watch them on Crunchyroll at school since I don't have internet at my house or phone service. Meito's lover is Luki. Except Sakamaki is the family name and the main focus is the harem of the Sakamaki vampire bros. I like Shu and Kanato from that series, but I haven't finished watching it.
  9. I caught up with all the DMMd episodes. It's pretty interesting. Aoba finally met his twin brother and Virus is part of morphine. Does Aoba ever use his powers of Virus. I know he mentioned that they altered their ears so it doesnt affect them. Do you need to links to download the other DMMd episodes ^^ is up again. What do you mean he caught a Luki ;_; who is Meito's lover >.>;. I never watched Diabolik Lovers. I guess Sakamaki is another one of those guys u like lol.
  10. My role plays are good. I don't think I've gotten any other people banned, though. uvu My Meito has a lover now, thoooooo--
    He caught a Luki. Youji has black hair, though. Just black. I wanna make an account for Shu Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers, thoooooooo.
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