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Conversation Between redtear and dango-chan

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  1. Oh yeah, I actually did find the 5th episode yesterday and I watched right when it was done downloading~ Mizuki, thooooo. Noooooooo... Mizuki's mah baby, why he have to breeaak QvQ And then he doesn't even get a route. TvT Geez, Aoba, you broke him, the least you could do is let him have a route. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ I don't know if Project DIVA is still at the post office or not, but I think we might just order it again from someone else. True Blood is also a BL game, except they would have had to tone it all down, like the hentai and the gore and violence, 'cause they rated it 15 and up, but I think they did some things with the story differently and they introduced another character, so I'm still kind of interested to see what they did with it. I haven't gotten Lamento yet, though. ^^; I still need to download it.
  2. I watched episode 5 of DMMd last night and it looks like it's starting to get interesting. All the characters are together now. I still dont see a hint of which couple they will have if any. Here is the link in case u didnt download it yet
    Let me know what u think c: and if u have any idea which route they're going to use. How could u not have project DIVA yet ;__; nu i feel so bad. Is it still sitting in the post office? U could have spent your summer getting another platinum trophy >_>;; lol. It's kind of hard to fine good PS2 emulators T_T; since most plugins they have are crap. Maybe they have better plugins now though, i guess it's worth a try. Is True Blood a BL game? Have u started playing Lamento ^^. Oh >_>; i think they need a Kaito song where he's both a masochist and a yandere xD.
  3. I watched episode 4 of DMMd last night and it was good. =w= My summer's been okay... I beat a couple of BL games I guess. QvQ Alternate Kaito's, thooooo, sometimes he's just a masochist and sometimes he's just yandere. =3= Zenya's not tsundere, he just wants to mess Youji and Tetsuo up 'cause he wants Youji. I want to play Lamento by Nitro+CHiRAL, and I need to replay Togainu, 'cause my saves got messed up when I moved it to my account. And if I can get a PS2 emulator or something I would like to get the True Blood adaptation of Togainu for the PS2. And I need to finish DMMd re:connect with the English patch, too. I started making an MMD model edit, though, and it's actually going kind of well. And I still don't have the new Project DIVA. TvT
  4. Did u get a chance to watch episode 4 of DMMd? How’s your summer going btw >.>; did u accomplish anything u wanted haha. But if Kaito is a yandere and a masochist, wouldn’t that make him a yandere masochist?? >.>;. Makotooooooo did get a happy ending though. He was finally able to cure his hunger ^^ haha~. Oh wait he started eating his arm afterwards >.>; okok I guess he is still hungry T_T;. Zenya sounds like a tsundere >.>; or was he just an unpleasant person in general. Do u have any other nitro+ game in your mind u wanna play ^^. How is project diva btw? Were u able to beat it yet??
  5. Oh, Kaito goes yandere for his master all the time. There are actually songs about it, too, the only ones I know of are Kaito ga Uninstall, koi-uta and Song of A Poor Blue Rabbit, though. I don't knoow, Kaito's usually a masochist, but I don't know about yandere masochist. =3= Zenya just annoys meeee, with his nasaly voice, and how mean he is to all the other characters. I got all the endings for Sweet Pool last night, thooooo. I thought a few of them weren't too sad, though. I was intimidated by the no happy endings thing, but personally I think a few of them were at least moderately happy. QwQ I'm depressed now, thooooo, 'cause I want a happy ending for Makotoooo. He neeeeds a happy ending. QvQ Makoto's not a masochist, though, he just gets reeeeaaallyyy hungry. Like, even before he ate Youji, he was almost always eating some kind of food. <w<
  6. Haha they're all from BL games T_T; it's no wonder i didnt know of guy yandere's lol. I guess nitro+ love their yanderes. Im surprised about Kaito though. What makes u say he's yandere? or is he just yandere in dango-chan's head~ ;P lol jk. Don’t worry I know who Taito is ^^ I mean how couldn’t I when I’ve been talking to u for over a year >_>; that would be unheard of xD. So Kaito is a yandere masochist?? Why do u hate Zenya ^^. Do u plan on getting all the endings? Owwww I don’t think I could bite myself enough to start eating myself ;__; u have to be some serious masochist to pull that off xD.
  7. Keisuke from Togainu goes yandere and sometimes Kaito is yandere. There's also Taito, who is a fan made derivative of Kaito that it is pretty much just recolored from blue to purple and covered in bandages who is always yandere. And then in DMMd I consider that in all the bad endings the characters go yandere. Yandere Kaito's great, thoooo... More so because yandere Kaito is usually shown hurting himself. X3 Oh wow, quite honestly, I thought some of the shots in the first two episodes of DMMd looked messed up, too, though. TwT Makoto didn't cut his arm off, though, he just bites pieces off of it. And he's popular but nobody seems to notice how much he's changed. >w> Sweet Pool has 6 endings. One for Makoto, one for Zenya (I hate hiiim X'D), and 4 for Tetsuo. I haven't seen the fourth DMMd yet, though.
  8. Oh u mean that blue screen ^^ I get that also from time to time. I guess that’s not a big deal. When u said crash I thought T_T; u lost all your files and everything and had to reformat. I really don’t know any boy yanderes though ;_;. Maybe im not watching the right animes xD. Give me some examples ^^. Haha did u notice, episode 3 was a complete fail >.>;. There were so many animation mess ups xD....
    I heard they accidently released a draft version of the episode >.>;.
    T__T;;;; how can u take pleasure in this Youji being stabbed and eaten haha xD. I think dango-chan would make good yandere xD. Maybe u can stalk Kaito haha . Um....T_T; so Makoto cut his own arm off and started eating it?? How many endings does this game have?
    Were u able to watch episode 4 for DMMd ^^ it was pretty good. Here is the link if u need it
  9. amg, I finally got Makoto's ending on Sweet Pool. X'D Ahaha. It was great~ I didn't know Youji's voice would get that high when he was getting stabbed >w> It never showed Youji getting eaten, but obviously that's what happened, and it showed that Makoto, having become a cannibal from eating Youji, started eating his own arm off at the end. It ended right when he was telling himself that he needed to stop. QwQ fweh, Makoto's adorable, thooo, even as a cannibal yandere~ X'3
  10. We got another blue screen, they happen every now and then on our computer. It's just fine, it just crashed. There are too many yandere boys for Makoto to be the first one you've heard of, though. >,> I don't know if he stalks Youji yet, but he followed Tetsuo, one of the other route boys, because he was getting closer to Youji than he was... He did have a fit twice, though. Youji and Tetsuo were talking and he got in between the two and started going crazy on Tetsuo, they were at school so their homeroom teacher had to drag him off of Tetsuo, and then, I'm thinking it was that same night, Makoto drops by Youji's house and asks how he's not good enough and how Tetsuo is so much better and tries to beat Youji, but then runs away. And I watched 2 and 3 of DMMd last night. They were pretty good. The only issue I have, though, is the art style, sometimes it looks really bad in certain shots. X'D Togainu is the same way.
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