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Conversation Between redtear and dango-chan

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  1. Hey hey dango-chan I missed you ^^ *tackles back* hehe I noticed your changed your sex to male o_o;. I think you are the only "male" friend on my friend's list haha xD. How was your Christmas. I'm really sorry about suddenly disappearing again. I've been having a lot of problems with this girl I really like and well yeah -_-; totally downhill *sigh*. That's pretty much how my holiday's been :/. What did you get for Christmas ^^.
  2. nee nee, nee nee~! ( > ▽ <)/
    // tackles- because sudden hyper
  3. but it's Fushimi. X3 because. obviously he is flawless.. <v< but I almost cried the other night, I was hugging a giant Kaito plushie in my dream and then I woke up and it was just a balled up blanketttt Q v Q and then my headphones broke and I cried more- like. the few things that are most important to me, yooo
    I just wanted to sleep-
  4. Did you just change your avatar xD. That's a shame >_> no one wants to see a slice of life with guys if they arent flirting on each other lol. Twincest xD I think u have a thing for anything that is forbidden >.>;. Twincest can be selfcest too in a way ^^. U have dreams about kaito plushies? I dont like this kind of dreams cause when u wake up it's just a dream. I bet u were sad ;_;.
  5. Kimi to Boku isn't yaoi, even though all the protagonists are male- it's slice of life stuff. u v u though I ship the twins together but that's just because they're twins and twincest- € v € for thanksgiving we kinda just ate a random assortment of stuff. >v> fffffffff, it happened again, tho, I had another dream about buying a new Kaito plushie. Q v Q
  6. Hey yooo is Kimi to Boku yaoi couples? Noooos yuukiiii he's gone ;_; still loved but not high enough in dango's male harem as fushimi. But it's looks like chrom as both beat >.>;. Dango male harem such a dangerous thing xD. I haven't watched project k either but i've heard it's good. What did u eat? Turkey?
  7. well nowwwww-
    my hand slipped and I changed my whole profile to be Fushimi-centric-
    don't hate me, Yuukiiiiiiiii- I only had him on my profile for a few days- but I still love hiiiiim
  8. that's alright, yo! the brown-haired (even though it kinda looks yellow-) bby on my profile is Yuuki Asaba from Kimi to Boku, and the black haired bby is Fushimi Saruhiko from K Project. > v < I haven't watched K Project yet but Fushimi is already my adorable little psychotic bbyyyy-
    for thanksgiving we pretty much just had friends over and ate together, though, it was good.. u v u I got my 3DS mostly to play Fire Emblem. because Chrom is my waifuuu / cuddles the 3DS
  9. Hey! Sorry I went MIA again ;_;. I'm just now catching up with relies. And who is this new guy in your avatar ^^. Haha we will have to play OSU then ^^ I just need to find a little time first! (and get everything settled ;_; ). Yes! I did hear you sing haha and you've voice was really cute. I think u're really good considering you just learned on your own and it's something people can actually enjoy listening to haha unlike me >.>; where people would be suffering xD. How was your thanksgiving? What did u do ^^. I bought a 3DS for black friday >_>; but mostly to play the new pokemon game.
  10. psh
    so when I'm at my mom's I can play osu! so we should do thattttt > v <
    well I kinda always sing I guess. Gya, you heard me singing, tho / v \
    I don't think I'm that good. /v \ Maybe I am, since I've already been complimented on it a few times, thooo / v\
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