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Conversation Between redtear and すずめ

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  1. Sorry my internet had problems, i had to fix it.
    I've watched few. Well the lead actor is one of my favourite actors and seeing him die made me sad XD
  2. Haha odd problems is a nice way to put it ^^. After watching those dramas i feel >.>; mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, etc. are the very incarnation of evil LOL. If i were a girl ;_; id never want to get married after watching them haha. I dont understand why people like them. Haha just how many korean dramas have u watched? why did Koizora make u shed a tear or 2? Was it really touching ^^.
  3. I agree with you about Indian dramas. In Indian drams how many odd problems would that family face? I have a lot of favourite korean dramas. The list just goes on and on :P Well Koizora wasn't sad but i never expected me to shed a tear or two.
  4. Haha well it still sounds a lot better than those indian dramas >.>; with extended family issues. I cant stand those haha. What's your favorite Korean drama about? What made Koizora a sad love story lol :P.
  5. Nope, i'd prefer happy endings but i recently watched Koizora the movie. That was a bit sad. Well most of the dramas i watch are korean so they mostly have happy endings. Some melodramas have sad ones.
  6. That sounds so depressing ;_; couldn't they have a happier ending? lol. Do most dramas u watch have sad endings like this? What are other dramas u watch like? It kind of reminds me of chobits >.>; except chobits was cute and happy haha.
  7. Lol xD. Absolute boyfriend is about a girl ordering for a robot boyfriend and she falls for him. The robot's ego is awakened when he falls the girl and his main chip burns out and he dies. In the special episode, he comes back with no memories and all sorts of things happen. He ultimately leaves the girl because he cant live as a normal human.
  8. Haha Free >.>; so u like those kind of animes/guys. I see I see haha :P jk. Im embarrassed to say that i've actually watched free ;_; i wanted to know what all the hype was about >.>; lol and....i need a body like that ;_; haha. Nu that is sooooo mean >.>; saying japanese people arent as pretty as korean people T_T;. Is that really true? And by people im assuming u pretty much mean guys haha :P. What's absolute boyfriend about?
  9. I dont know what animes. Probably one piece, free and daily life of high school boys. I might end p watching Jdramas like absolute boyfriend or proposal daisakusen etc.
    There is one problem, japanese people aren't pretty as korean people.
  10. Lol kdramas again. How long are thise normally? What animes do u plan on watching?
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