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Conversation Between redtear and Suzume

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  1. U'll be in 12th grade next year right? Good luck with all that studying~ ;D. It would be cool to be a doctor >.> at least the money part of it lol.
  2. So true. If i get into med school, I'll be the first doctor in my family.
  3. Im ok I guess. I went kayaking yesterday which was cool. Have u gone kayaking before? Haha what do u expect >_> u're indian. Indians only do 3 professions. First is always medicine and those that can't become doctors are doomed to do engineering or pharmacy >.> haha. And those that cant do that are banished from being indian~ ;_;....dont get banished....
  4. I'm fine. How are you?
    My family what's me to do medicine.
    God it's stressful.
  5. It's been forever since I've been on here ^^ how're u doing? I hope u're hanging in there ;_;. Yeah Im sure taking that exam must be stressful >_>;. It's one reason why i never liked the idea of one exam determining everything. I mean what if u got sick on that day or something like that ^^;. >_> i guess u better make sure u have tons of "donation" money then xD. What career are u targeting?
  6. Hey how are you?
    I finished my final exams and we started 12th grade portions.
    It's stressful as it decides my life.
  7. Hey ^^ I've been away from this forum for over a month now T_T sorry. How have u been ^^ what's been going on?
  8. I'm back to school after 2 weeks of vacation.
    I did my exams well
  9. How were your exams. Do you have some time off now?
  10. Done with the exams.
    I don't understand too :P
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