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Conversation Between redtear and FaeryTaleAngel

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  1. Aw i see, well that can't be helped. I'll really miss u ^^. Those rare times u do sign on feel free to message me. I dont want u to feel that u have to reply to those really long messages just to say hi and chat a little with me. Well take care until then ^^ and i'll wait for that someday i get your message.
  2. Hey! I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you. And thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes. *Smiles*

    I'm probably only going to come here very rarely now, because I've been so incredibly busy as of late. So, I am not sure if we will get much opportunity to talk with one another. I apologize about that. I hope that you are doing well, and are having a wonderful evening / morning! Take care! ^_______^
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. Part 4: Hm that’s interesting, I didn’t know edited stories differ so much. Im assuming edited versions have more of the general public’s “likes” and “dislikes” in mind over the author’s.
    Haha I generally prefer reading books with that mixture ^^ only maybe less on science fiction and more on fantasy/supernatural. Why do u classify supernatural under science fiction though? I could probably propose an argument to support either side and maybe it boils down to what one defines as “science” but im curious about your reason ^^.

    I hope u finish those stories someday also. I think it’s important to finish things ^^ since that leads to accomplishments. But mostly I say that cause I have left far too many things unfinished in my life which has left much regret. So lately I’ve been obsessed with finishing anything I start haha. Oh what are these other “creative ventures” haha.

    And yep it would be an amazing feeling to have a published printed copy of a book u wrote yourself ^^.
  5. Part 3: Oh please share some of that reading love to me haha :P. What makes reading so fun to u? I can understand a few books that u like, but it sounds like u love reading most books in general lol. So now u have to describe it to me haha :P.

    Haha from talking to u, I think u would like Steins;Gate a lot if u haven’t seen it already. My second recommendation is Sword Art Online. If u’ve already watched it and want more MMORPG types then Log Horizon is good ^^. Oh and as a teacher u should totally watch Great Teacher Onizuka haha :P. I could give u many more ^^ but it depends on your mood so just tell me what u feel like watching/generally like to watch.
  6. Part 2: Haha before I get ahead of myself, I really need to take time to look at the beautiful places on this planet first lol :P. Still, that statement holds many different meanings. If u think about them, it makes u wonder what’s the point of working every day like we do. Shouldn’t there be more?

    Haha that’s hilarious! Well at least u enjoyed teaching. I don’t think i could do it. Im far too hungry for knowledge to give it away so easily haha ;P. And well what I “want” to do probably isn’t going to be humanly possible I don’t think, so being a professor would be a “back-up” as u say it ^^ but probably not at the top. Maybe being a doctor is at the top of the list, but Im not really sure. Currently, Im an electrical engineer.
  7. Part 1: Haha that’s interesting! But u know, im certain that he is also immensely different in ideals and “truths” I’ve found. In fact, im a pretty difficult person to convince lol I may end up in many fights as you have with him haha :P jk. Normally I don’t go into heated debates ^^ I usually just understand the person’s train of thought and either find fault with it or find an interesting new means of approaching something (that I secretly pretend was mine haha :P).

    Haha well I don’t think it would be just cool or interesting. I guess u could say that humans are kind of in a small corner in a room that is almost infinitely large. We cant walk in that room, so we sit in that corner pretending everything we know about that corner is true. While, it’s really sad when u think that somewhere out there, there could be places that are far beautiful then anything u could image.
  8. 4: I don’t know, though. I do hope to finish them some day – that would be nice. I am not sure if I will ever have anything published, either. That would be really neat, and would feel fantastic and amazing though – holding the printed and published copies in my hands. That would be great! But, I am currently focusing on other creative ventures, and just writing in my free time. Ha-ha! *Smiles*
  9. 3: I don’t know if I would call raw stories conceptional or “naïve,” but they are definitely personal, and I believe that is what I love about them. They do tend to differ quite a bit from the edited versions of themselves, I find.
    *Laughs* Nah, the way that I write doesn’t show that I am a great writer. lol! Or at least I don’t think it does. But, thank you for saying that it does – that is very kind of you. ^ ^’
    I write about a bunch of different things. I do not focus too much on one genre, but if I had to choose one that I liked writing, it would have to be a mixture of science fiction, romance, and the supernatural (which I classify under science fiction).
    It doesn’t bother me to have unfinished works on my laptop, because in my head, I am finding a way to knit the stories together into a series of stories.
  10. 2: Yeah, there were a lot of sick kids, on constant bases. But that is to be expected from little ones. *Laughs* Being a teacher would be fun, and if life does not go the way that I would like it to, it is on the top of my back-up plan list. Hehheh ^ ^’ You want to be a professor? That’s neat. The friend that I was talking about earlier wants to do the same. Interesting how you two have so much in common. It is kind of mind blowing, actually…
    God, I love to read! *Laughs* I mean when you need to force yourself to read (like for classes and such), it might be a bit difficult to get into, but I find that after a while, it becomes rather enjoyable to me. :]
    Maybe I can. Ha-ha! ^ ^’
    And you can recommend me some anime, if you would like to. I don’t mind when. I am always up for lists of things. *Laughs*
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