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Conversation Between Venexus and Sizary Momo

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  1. I hate the government....T.T
    So do you watch Bleach?
    i mean read...
  2. Well, in the manga it's debatable because they don't actually say whether Crona is a boy or a girl, but in the anime they refer to Crona as a he. Should maybe just call Crona an it, lol. And if those bills become law in the US, I'm going to be...irritated - to put it nicely. O_O
  3. Crona is a girl...
    i'm ok.trying to see
    what is happening through
    the whole SOPA and PIPA
  4. I love the avatar, by the way. Crona is awesome. He deserves more love. ^_^
  5. I'm quite well. =D
    Yourself? ;3
  6. how are you sir?
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