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Conversation Between AnimeFrost and .SophieChan~

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  1. I really wanted to use the one you made me :'(
  2. Oh well its okay ! Its a nice signature you have makin there !
  3. Okay i havent been on i would tell you here but I sent you a private message
  4. Okay then i choose !
  5. You will? Thank you! I just cant decide what i want
  6. Havent find any picture yet? . Well i can choose to you then
  7. Haha any sizes is okay!
  8. Srry for late reply what size does it have to be? Any?
  9. Hmm i use google. To find renders, But you can use Planet renders too.
  10. Ok Does it have to be render from Planetrenders? or can it be from google as well?
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