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Conversation Between AnimeFrost and Nickasaur

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  1. I'm hooked up on watching anime too..

    This AF forum is kinda boring to me now, so I rarely get on.
  2. XD Im fine XD! I got hooked to a lot of the new anime this season most of them are really good! XD
  3. Good!! I love it cx!

    I've been good, how have you been?
  4. Hey Long time no see! Hows it going? I see your watching Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo! XD
  5. <3 Well, i'll talk to you on steam
  6. Sure lol i forgot too earlier lol
  7. You also gotta add me on steam or something. Later on tomorrow<3?
  8. Good dude xD! How are you?
  9. Hey lol havn't talked to you for a while. Hows it going?
  10. Hiya! XD Welcome to the Forums!
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