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Conversation Between AnimeFrost and SuXrys

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  1. I'm quite fine, thank you for asking.

    How are you, dear good sir?
  2. SuXrys!!!! Long time no see! Hows it going?
  3. You're just jealous!!
  4. SÄMSKSKINN ögon arbetar inte för mig! Cat Eyes don't work on me!
  5. Why you didn't falled for that video?!! *talks with a wide swedish accent* @___@
  6. Are you really sure about that?
  7. Lol When i saw "You sir are a pervert" I was about to respond what how? then I realized you probly wanted me to answer that so i just continued with it! I was owning you anyways lol Like a Boss!
  8. Here I was planning for something like this;
    - You sir are a pervert.
    - What are you talking about?
    - It did change the subject, no? And then adding some kind of joke afterwards ...

    But DAMN BOY you continued on the subject!! O___O
  9. Cmon SuXrys give in to me even gin says so!
  10. You sir are a pervert
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