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Conversation Between Soruka and Simphoni

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  1. WOW!!!! That must be long!!
    Well..... I've been drawing for about........... 2years now!!
    That's not very long, but I love what I do!! I'm gonna upload pictures of my drawings after I post this message to you!!
    I hope you check them out soon!!! ^^
  2. Haha, im not sure how long i've been drawing for, really. I've been drawing for as long as i can remember how long have you been drawing?
  3. YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^,^
    And I'll do it!!! I don't have many....... But I'll do it!!!!!!
    And you saying that!!!!.... Makes me even happier!!!! ^^
    How long have you been drawing??!! ^.^
  4. Thanks! ^-^
    Oh, and yout TOTALLY should upload some of your own pictures! I'd love to have a look at them!
  5. Ur welcome!!!!! ^,^
    WOW!!!!!! You're REALLY good!!! I'm gonna upload some of mine into an album too!!
    I hope you'd be 1 of the 1st to see it!!!! ^^
    And of course we'll be awesome fiends!!!!... I mean!!
    Look at us NOW!!!!!! *giggles*
  6. Thanks!!! ^-^
    And yeah, my drawings are originally by me!
    Hahaha i hope we can become awesome friends, too! :3
  7. Hi there Soruka!!!! ^^
    I see you're a newby!! Enjoy AF and let's be AWESOME friends!!!!!!!!! ^_^ ^,^
    And I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your album!! Especially the 1 with your drawings!!!!!
    You're amazing!!!!!! Are they originally done by you!!??
    THEY'RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
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