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Conversation Between Matt~ and Sizary Momo

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  1. with ones i was referring to animes/series
  2. new good what?
    please explain what you
    just said.
  3. I like bleach too ;P Tho naruto aswell but the side story thing right now sucks..
    i like one piece as well

    Did u find any new good ones?
  4. I love watching bleach.
  5. Im good been baking this stuff all day lmao
    not my pic but the same thing ;P The only difference is that i made like 60 of those >.>

    So what anime do you like ;P
  6. nothin much.just watching some how are you doing so far?
  7. yo =) I'm good, just woke up xD Whats up? ;P
  8. how are you?
    you seem like a
    fun guy.
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