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Conversation Between Matt~ and Sizary Momo

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  1. xD thats life for ya ;P today im gonna go to town to buy some fireworks ;D Are you buying any fireworks?
  2. i got nothing for christmas and my
    little cousins annoyed me the whole day!
  3. well nothing much got a new computer case and then my mic got broken some how so i gotta make him drive to town xD
  4. Merry christmas!
    i'm ok.going to the
    movies later in the week.
    what did you do for christmas?
  5. im good ;P you? merry Christmas =)
  6. how are you?
  7. Sound great looking forward to it =)
  8. i'll draw you kenpachi!
    it'll be hard but i hope it'll
    make you happy.
  9. That would have to be Kenpachi Zaraki

    Soul eater has abit of a weird ending i mean it was quite disappointing but the most i remember is FOOL from that white guy xD
  10. i'm watching soul eater.
    well a little.who's ur favorite
    character in bleach?
    mine is ulquiorra.
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