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Conversation Between Porcelaine and animangachik315

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  1. youre guna make me choose?!?!?hmmm well cant i have both?
  2. hmmm... you prefer bleach or death note? O.O
  3. yeah i did?.passenger: hmm, yeah space sounds nice!
  4. Pilot: OOOOOoooooHHhhhhhh! Someone's got an heart attack! *giving cpr to passenger* Oh crap~~ no more oxygen tank! Okay, then. HOw about going to space? Trust me. It's way better than heaven --> see the stars?

    Btw: you haven't accept my friend request....?
  5. pasenger: WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAH ! you just gave me a heart attack !! how dare you!!!
  6. Pilot *in rage* : @%#^&**!! GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM AND DON'T MESS AROUND!

  7. yes! it is huh? would yo ulike me to bleach your room for you my dear piolit?
  8. Welcome to space, my dear passenger! I'm currently the pilot of the spaceship you're in!
    *goes into your room*
    And OMG... what a bleachy room!!
  9. holy crap! going to you profile is like going in to space!!!
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