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Conversation Between Porcelaine and solidarmor

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  1. *bangs head on desk* I honestly and sincerely, do not recall giving anyone a lecture??

    I know you're new here, and I hope that I wasn't pretentious toward you??
  2. What lecture are talking about, slave?
  3. What? :O
    i'm not joking -_-
    i really appreciate that.
  4. Were you or were you not being sassy with me? If yes, then I return in kind. .

    If not, then it was merely a joke.
  5. Okay.. I'll take that as a compliment..
    You know, i'm really a noob Thanks for your lecture.
    I'm grateful! T_T
  6. Yeah, sure if believing that makes you sleep better, then run with it.
  7. Ohhh~!
    I get it now.. You meant i used word 'thorn' instead of spiky?
    If you meant that, then its because my head have thorns <-- referring to the thorns
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