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Conversation Between Rainbow Milkshake and ChaosShadow1

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  1. good what about you
  2. Hiya~ Long time no see~~ :P
    How ya doin'?
  3. Hi, friend~!
    ..Do you feel better now..?
    Did they leave you alone..?
    I think they're naive. Total idiots.
  4. its ok i wouldnt have been able to reply until now anyway
  5. Hi!
    Sorry for not replying.. I'm busy with my school work
    So.. How are you doing?
  6. hello
  7. Merry Christmas, pal~! XD
  8. dont worry you will be 1 of the first ones to know about my new group when i make it
  9. If you have a new one, just tell me i'll join
  10. possibly as of rightnow i dont know though
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