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Conversation Between Darkfire Knight and delightfullymad17

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  1. nothing much?
    school is same old. Boring-ish.
  2. hey what's up?
  3. Hahahahah,yeahxD
  4. yeah i did! ^__^ hehe that avatar goes with your exclaimation hehe
  5. Wow^_^
    I bet you saw some amazing sights
  6. first it was quite cold then it became very hot! it was so great though, Rome was amazing, i recommend everyone to go there. Naples, Sorrento and Pompeii too! ^__^
  7. How was it?xD
    Was it hot there?
  8. went to italy 2 weeks ago haha
  9. Haven't seen most of those.
    I'll check them outxD
    So anything interesting happen to you recently?
  10. death note, ouran high school and bleach are awesome! i also like spirited away, howls moving castle, great teacher onizuka, darker then black, elfin lied, hellsing, xx holic, claymore, strait jacket and soul eater!
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