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Conversation Between aerophobia and Suzume

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  1. I'm doing great.
    Don't worry buddy, we are on the same boat.
    Even I'm not able to decide what I wnat to do.
  2. hi hi hi! I've just been droppin by here for awhile. forgot about this site for awhile lol. I've just been workin an overnight job at a store near here so im up really late on my days off as well. I am a night owl now haha. Besides that i stopped going to school for awhile since i was just wasting money since i didnt know what i was gonna go for anyways. Overall im fine :P ty for asking. I'm just kinda lurking around here nowadays. How have you been?
  3. Hi Hi long time no chat?
    How are you?
  4. Thx to Osama. My life is ruined.
  5. yea, you definitely should (america and try baseball). Baseball is really fun to play and well just awesome :P
  6. Baseball!!! I love it. I want to try it one day.
    Yep i wanna settle in US.
  7. oh yea...duh...didnt even think about that >.<
    move to america when you are old enough? :P
    and by mean soccer right? its soccer to us in the united states and football to everyone else and it always makes me confused. Those are like...the 2 sports i like least lol. soccer seems kinda slow and boring for my taste honestly and hockey doesnt really appeal to me either. my favorite is basketball and then the american football and then baseball
  8. I want to be a guy. I love sports and my mother doesn't let me play them coz i'm a fragile gal. I love football and hockey!!!
    *coughs* I'm in India aero chan.
  9. because younger girls...theres always some that act so bratty and prissy i swear... but you get free drinks and dinners and stuff bought for you by guys that like you and you dont even have to do anything but stand there and wait for them to do something about them liking you.
    oh, and guys tend to bond over sports and stuff, a handful of other popular "manly" kinda things. girls argue over pretty stuff and clothing and stuff etc etc :P definitely want to be a girl you silly head :P
  10. U can say that.
    I wonder how guys get along with each other so quickly. I want to be a guy not a gal
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