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Conversation Between aerophobia and Senjou_Akira

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  1. lol it's okay. thanks for the suggestion. yeah, me too, i'm not someone like her boyfriend to give her expensive jewelry lol i think i might as well pick clothes that would fit their style XDD they've been repeating some shirts for a while now anyway, thanks XDD
  2. hmmm... well... i dont really know their personality. But for a girl (as long as shes a girly girl i guess and not a tom boy) you probably cant go wrong with some nice clothing like a nice top or dress or something (i wouldnt wanna suggest jewelery lol). As for the guys... lol well... im not really sure... im just generalizing.. theres always some funny gifts you can find online. shirts, sports apparel maybe... once again just generalizing here >.<
  3. one 18 and one 19 male
    18 female lol i have run out of ideas
  4. hmmm, ages? gender? so many things
  5. yeap, and now i've got no idea what to buy them >.< whatdya think would be nice to give?
  6. im doing good as well. i love this time of the year! :P
    and i guess im gonna be saving money for later this year and me and my friends are going to go to myrtle beach. you have less time to save your money lol :P
  7. lol i've been saving money for preparing gifts for christmas. how about you? XD
  8. why yes....yes we can! How are you today?
  9. hello, hope that we could be friends ^^
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