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Conversation Between Negative Ink and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. lol!!!
  2. Was not meant like that. XD Had a few typos myself.
  3. Great. Btw, thanks for correcting my English.
  4. It depends what you mean with 'like'

    Would I like to go through such weather each time to the grocery store, as I usually do? No.

    Would I love to be in a ski-top mountain hotel and enjoy a winter paradise where you can do activities one minute, and stay in a warm place the next? Sure, that's.

    You should try one short ice dive though if you've never been in a winter region before. That's going to quicken you right up.
  5. Do you like it? I wish I will experience it once in my life ^ ^
  6. It's Norway, it's always freaking winter compared to anywhere else. XD
  7. Does your place is having winter?
  8. Hanging out with my family and stay at my grandma dad village for 3 days 2 nights just like before.
  9. What's your favorite thing about the season?
  10. Well I am a christian so that should be obvious. XD
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