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Conversation Between Negative Ink and katlover

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  1. lol i wore glasses too

    but glasses can be very nice and good looking

    you are as young as you feel right or i will just give you a young pill
  2. Hnnghhh.... Let me just..... find my reading glasses first.... *Finds his two telescopes ducktaped together* Ah, well, forever young then!
  3. 22 years is not a old age (that is 50 or so) you are still very young
  4. I am like, really really old. ;O; 22 Years. A breath away from my pension, grandpa diapers and rocking chair..... Oh well, 2 out of 3 is not too bad ney? : D
  5. hi thasnx for your visted to my page i`m 19 and you?
  6. welcome to AF and visting my page
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